RACK OF GLORY (soundtrack)

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RACK OF GLORY (the soundtrack)
A Short Film by Bravehearted Christian

Whatever happened to the lay-it-all-on-the-line commitment to the cause of Christ and the die-if-I-must attitude toward defending truth and Scripture? Where did the radical abandon to seek and save the lost disappear to; or where has the burning need to stand against evil, to break the jaws of the wicked in order to ransom the oppressed, the orphaned, the widowed and the enslaved gone? Where is the holy boldness, the courage, and the daring needed to birth the Truth of Christ into this God-forsaking culture? Because we need them, and we need them now! Discover Christianity as it was meant to be and allow this call for heroes to beckon you onward and upward.

Film Duration: 6:31 min.

Copyright Note: this soudtrack is copyrighted by Ellerslie Mission Society and Bravehearted Christian and may not be resold, uploaded online for any reason, or distributed without permission from Bravehearted Christian. This film may be shown to groups with the proper group size license purchased above. For questions about usage and/or copyright, please email store@ellerslie.com.