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A Short Film by Bravehearted Christian

The book of James says that pure and undefiled religion is to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. Throughout Scripture we learn that as Christians we have a cause to fight and stand for. God is looking for more than the money of the saints — He is looking to use all of our lives to be spent on behalf of the weak. He is the Rescuer but also desires to use our lives for His rescue work. Unfortunately most of us suffer from a depraved indifference. Sure, we care … but we live with an indifference toward the hurt, the lost, and the vulnerable around us.

Are you willing to discover the solution to your apathy and allow Jesus Christ to use your hands, feet, heart, and mind for His glory and purpose on earth? This powerful short film is a call for Christians to awake from our sleepy state, surrender our lives afresh unto our King, and become heroic rescuers in this world — and this world is in desperate need for heroes.

Film Duration: 7:56 min.

Copyright Note: this soudtrack is copyrighted by Ellerslie Mission Society and Bravehearted Christian and may not be resold, uploaded online for any reason, or distributed without permission from Bravehearted Christian. This film may be shown to groups with the proper group size license purchased above. For questions about usage and/or copyright, please email