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A Short Film

If you are like most people, the lineages throughout Scripture don’t excite you — unless you know what they point to and how they declare the marvelous workings of Jesus Christ. By examining the meaning of the names in the genealogy from Adam through Jesus, we discover the salvific work and eternal purpose of God. Discover that which was from the beginning and stand in awe of the revelation of God hidden in this lineage of majesty.

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Film Duration: 8:09 min.

Personal Use License Agreement: purchasing a “personal use license” allows you to download this film in HD quality for personal use only. If you decide to show this video to more than five people at one time, we would ask for the sake of honor and integrity, you purchase a group license. This film is copyrighted by Ellerslie Mission Society who retains the rights and full ownership thereof. This video is not available to be used for personal or professional projects. Moreover, it is illegal to change, alter, duplicate, or distribute this film through any means including but not limited to creating copies and/or uploading the film online (regardless of website, server, platform, or social media network). 

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