Saturation Bible Study

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Saturation Bible Study
The adventure to know Jesus and be transformed by truth
by NRJohnson


We live in a generation that commonly sees the Bible as boring, intimidating, or irrelevant. Scripture has taken a backseat in our lives, and as such, we’ve lost our way. But Bible study isn’t meant to be complicated, confusing, or intimidating—it’s supposed to be the greatest joy and adventure of our lives.

In this new and fresh guide to Bible study, NRJohnson gives a simple and clear path that will help you know how to study God’s Word and uncover the proper posture and motivation to do so.

  • how to deepen your spiritual life
  • how to continually increase in relationship and intimacy with Jesus
  • how Scripture can radically transform your life
  • the blessings and benefits of God’s Word
  • a simple plan to study the Bible
  • guided studies to help you practically study passages and topics

Our lives as Christians are to be marked by truth, triumph, joy, peace, and greater intimacy with God—but these are only found by saturating within the pages of Scripture. This book will show you how.


The reason you hold this book in your hand right now is likely because you, too, desire to be one of the few in this generation that genuinely and passionately pursues the Person of Jesus Christ through the pages of Scripture. I can think of no better way to begin that epic journey than by reading this book.
– Eric Ludy, bestselling author and international speaker

The [Bible] became more than academic writings; the voice of Jesus sounded in my heart through the Scriptures. . . . I want this for you as well. May this book on Saturation Bible Study open up for you a greater intimacy with Jesus through His Word.
– Dr. Stephen Manley, itinerant evangelist and author

ISBN: 1953549063
Paperback, 342 pages
Released: March 1, 2023