Power Through Prayer

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Power Through Prayer

By E.M. Bounds


– A Deeper Christian Classic –


"Our praying needs to be pressed and pursued with an energy that never tires, a persistency which will not be denied, and a courage that never fails." – E.M. Bounds

Few men have had an understanding of prayer like that of E.M. Bounds. His knowledge on the subject didn’t come merely from study but through countless hours upon his knees.You hold in your hands what many consider to be the best of E.M. Bounds. Of his eight books on prayer, Power Through Prayer, originally written in 1910, has influenced more people on prayer than perhaps any other book outside the Bible.

It has been said that God can do more through a man who spends fifteen minutes on his knees than one who spends fifteen years laboring and toiling out of self-effort. But make no mistake, prayer is hard work.

As Bounds writes,"The praying that makes a prayerful ministry is not the meager praying added only as flavoring to give it a pleasant taste. But, the praying must be in the body, form, blood, and bones. Prayer is no petty duty put into a corner. It is no piecemeal performance made out of the fragments of time that have been snatched from business and other engagements of life. The best of our time, and the heart of our time and strength, must be given to prayer."


118 pages // deeperChristian Press