HEROISM (ebook)

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HEROISM (ebook)
An Everyday Person’s Guide to Anything-But-Normal Living
by Eric Ludy

The greatest heroes of this day should be those who call themselves Christians. If it is true that we are the Body of Christ, then our hands should be doing what His would do if He were on earth. Our feet should be walking into the places His would have taken Him if He were still walking this globe. Our eyes should see what His would see, our ears hear the same Spirit He heeded, and our hearts beat with the same anguish that burdened His Almighty heart.

As the Body of Christ, we are to behave on this earth as He did when He strode upon it. We should gravitate towards the weak ones just as He was magnetically inclined towards their needs. Just as He lived as a Savior, a Rescuer, and a Deliverer, so we live as little Christs — little saviors, little rescuers, and little deliverers. We are not God, but we are enabled by the grace of God to live just as He did. And He was a hero.

In this short and very practical book, bestselling author Eric Ludy gives an epic vision for Christian living and how every believer is called into spiritual employment to rescue the weak, the dying, the needy, and the lost. This isn’t a call for super-Christians but the call upon every believer’s life. As Hudson Taylor declared, “All God’s giants have been weak men, who did great things for God because they believed that God would be with them.”

Are you ready for God to use to you change the world?

Pages: 84
Release Date: 2015 (Ellerslie Press)