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A Tribute to the Ten Dead Men Who Left Their Imprint on My Soul
by Eric Ludy

You can tell a lot about a person by whom they esteem and desire to emulate. For Eric Ludy, the majority of people who most influenced his life are dead. In this short and simple book, Eric introduces you to the ten spiritual heroes who left an imprint upon his soul. His desire is that these men press their fingerprints upon your life as well. It’s truly amazing the power that dead men can have upon our lives.


A lot of people ask me what the prime influences on my spiritual walk have been. For years I have spoken about the impact of my own father and father-in-law in my soul development. But that isn’t the answer most people are looking for. They want to know who those people were, outside of my immediate family, who took the chisel to my soul and shaped me. You know, the dead guys, who though they no longer walk this earth still have something to say about what it means to follow Jesus.

I was primarily discipled by dead guys. And this little book is tribute to those mighty men of faith who set a pattern for me to follow. I hope and pray that this book introduces you to men trustworthy of your admiration.

RELEASE DATE: 2015 (Ellerslie Press)