5 Pillars of Christian Growth

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5 Pillars of Christian Growth

A blueprint to build your life around Jesus Christ

By NRJohnson

Many Christians today seem lost. 

We are told to study the Bible, but we don’t know how. We know we are supposed to pray, but we’re unsure where to start or how to pray for longer than a few minutes. We read Scripture and realize that our lives are to be free and victorious, but we’re often marred with sin, defeat, and despair; we are often passive and lifeless, wondering if there’s more to this thing called Christianity.

There is more and you can live a Christian life that actually works—but your life must be built around Jesus Christ. Our spiritual lives grow and deepen when we are intentional. 

What we need is a spiritual growth plan … a blueprint to build our lives around Jesus Christ. 

These five pillars are not a slick gimmick or helpful hints to slip into your life when convenient. The truth is, transformation and growth are only possible through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. But these five concepts lay the foundation for a Christ-built life. 

When you allow God to establish these key pillars in your life, you will soon find that: 

• your faith will deepen 

• you will be more in love with Jesus than ever before 

• you will have a simple system to study, know, and understand God’s Word 

• your life will be continually renewed, refreshed, and transformed ever more into His likeness 

• your Christian life is becoming more vibrant and victorious as it’s built upon and around Jesus Christ.


120 pages // deeperChristian Press