The Glorious Story of Scripture

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The Glorious Story of Scripture

A 30 Day Christ-Centered Journey Through Scripture

By Ellerslie


Most of us understand the basic story of the Bible, but few of us recognize that all of Scripture (both Old and New Testaments) are pointing us toward Christ. 

In this thirty day devotional, you will journey through all of Scripture to discover how it all points to Jesus Christ. 

As Charles Spurgeon once wrote: "You all know the old, old story. The world was lost; God must punish sin; He sent His son to take our sin upon Him that He might honor the law of God, and establish God’s government by being obedient to the law, and yielding Himself up to the death-penalty. He whom Jehovah loves beyond all else came to earth, became a man, and, as a man, was obedient unto death of the cross....He yielded up His life, “the Just for the unjust,” the Sinless for the sinful, “that He might bring us to God,” and reconcile us to the great Father. That is the story, and whosoever believeth in Him shall live....I want to entreat men, who have looked elsewhere, now to turn their eyes away from the fruitless search after peace and life, and to come and “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.” May the Spirit of God open their eyes, and incline their hearts, that tonight, even tonight, they may look unto Him and live!...Behold and wonder, never leave off wondering; tell it as a wonder, think of it as a wonder, [preach] of it as a wonder, sing of it as a wonder...Take your eyes off everything else, and behold the Lamb of God!”

This book uses the King James Version of the Bible.


181 pages // Released in 2017, Ellerslie Press